Who I am

Having left South Africa in my early twenties, to pursue a suit-and-tie career I always knew something was missing. After eight years of travelling the corporate world I packed my bags and headed home to sunny South Africa to begin a new life with my wife Kym.

I have always had a passion for photographing wildlife and the natural world in any aspect, so my new venture became my chosen life right in the heart of the Madikwe Game Reserve in South Africa's wild North West Province.

Today Kym and I live in Botswana with our two little children, and I manage the operations for a number of Wilderness Safaris Delta based camps.


Stuff I do

My aim has been to photograph the beauty around me and to ultimately build a database of images which will remind me of the road I have travelled... it's a personal thing, which luckily I am today able to share with those that are interested and who share the same passion.

I have been privileged enough to have taken all images in the wild; even those of my family...


Engage with me

Having traveled extensively I am happy to share information on when and where to visit in Southern Africa on any budget. If I do not know of your preferred location I will put my ear to the bush vine and get the inside scoop for you. Failing this I will be honest and cut you loose to make the most of your trip.

If you have a small group of photographers who wish to do a photographic safari and require some assistance to ensure they get the image they're happy with (or to carry your bags), let me know I might just be available. My photographic advice is always based upon what I know and have experienced personally, but when coupled with my understanding of African wildlife you can be sure to anticipate your next shot for ultimate success.

All my images are for sale or donation if the cause warrants it. Some of the images are on 500px which has a sales facility, and others are on Intagram which does not support monetary exchange. If your preferred image is not on the right platform let me know so I can upload it. If you have seen an image in any other publication or social media which you prefer, just let me know via email and we can tranact the good old fashion way of telegraphic transfer.


One more thing

I use Adobe Lightroom to edit all images, and i have absolutely no problem in upping my saturation, bumping the clarity or sharpening the image in post processing. I will even go as far as to remove irritating grass or dust from the image, but i will not portray a scene which is not real in any aspect or true to life in the natural world.