Tailor-Made Safaris

If you're dreaming of visiting Sub-Saharan Africa for an experiential, yet meaningful journey of a lifetime, then you're halfway there.

Understanding every aspect of the hugely diverse African continent can be daunting for most. Complicated itineraries involving multiple countries and cultures can also often confuse even the most experienced traveller.

Let me assist you in researching and creating your dream itinerary. I can facilitate and book your full travel agenda. I can personally guide you throughout your journey, and I can ensure you are well looked after in all aspects of your travels, but it is up to you to immerse yourself in the community and culture of beautiful Africa and seek out and unlock the hidden gems she has to offer.

Below are some of the more popular travel destinations and short descriptions. I have only focussed on the popular areas, but have loads more information to share if you're willing to seek an off-the-beaten-track location.

If you're looking for travel ideas and seek an itinerary that ticks all your boxes contact me on the feedback form below. Or get in touch via my social platform links, email or phone. Details and links are all below!


Why Me?

I am a small bespoke African safari specialist who weaves each itinerary together piece by piece based upon real-life experience and first-hand knowledge of the African continent and its people. I have not visited Africa; I have lived it with my family, and I am now able to combine my personable skills and worldly experiences with those looking for a dream holiday with our without their family.

I have nearly fifteen years of experience in running some of Africa's most high-end safari operations in the Okavango Delta Botswana and South Africa's malaria-free Madikwe Game Reserve. My acute eye for detail enables me to quickly decipher whether a destination is suited to your personal needs or not. There is a destination for everybody, but only the most experienced can identify and ensure the best fit.

I am a purpose driven individual and have played an active part in promoting purpose driven itineraries for high-end safari operators. Africa should most definitely benefit from tourism, and I regard it as my goal to ensure that only operators showing sustainable conservation and operational ethics are chosen. If this is your motivation, then we should chat about your purpose-driven itinerary as soon as possible.



Having left South Africa in my early twenties, to pursue a "suit-and-tie" type career, I always knew something was missing. After eight years of travelling the corporate world, I packed my bags and headed to Africa to find and establish my purpose.

I have always had a passion for photographing wildlife and the natural world, so my adventure became my chosen life. For nearly 15 years I explored the African savannah, and gained extensive experience and achieved significant goals while managing some of Africa’s most sought after remote luxury safari camps.

Today I combine my experience and learnings and offer this extensive information in promoting purpose driven wildlife adventures and high-end safari offerings for the discerning traveller. I have a particular interest in promoting family travel, and a significant focus on awareness and education to enable conservation and sustainability.



My aim has been to photograph the beauty around me and to ultimately build a database of visual memories which will stay with me to remind me of the fantastic road I have travelled. I have been privileged enough to have taken all images in the wild; even those of my family.

I am now lucky enough to share these memories and work closely with others to help them achieve their photographic goals by creating meaningful itineraries enabling the most sought-after travel experiences.

All my images are for sale or donation if the cause warrants it. Some of the photos are on 500px which has a sales facility, and others are on Instagram. If your preferred image is not on any of these platforms and you have come across it in a magazine or other, let me know, and we can make a plan.

Email: deon@safagraphics.com

Tele: +61 427 782 226


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