There are so many options and must see's for Southern Africa, but how do you possibly even come close to listing everything? As a born and bred South African, I naturally recommend any Southern African visit starts or ends with at least one of these stamps in your passport. Johannesburg is a major entry point for any Southern African safari and offers world-class accommodations and hospitality. This is a truly vibrant city and provides a lot to those willing to spend some days exploring the cultural and historical memories the town can share. A personal favourite of mine and many travellers would be Cape Town; which doesn't typically need much by way of introduction. Cape Town is known as the mother city and is a metropolitan hub of culture, heritage and all-round natural beauty. Visit the expansive wine lands, take a walk on Table Mountain, visit the colourful impoverished areas holding secrets of the past or treat yourself to a tour of the infamous prison cell of the once great leader, Madiba on Robben Island.

Southern Africa also comprises the salt and sand experience of Namibia, which has always been a prefered stop for many European travellers but is fast becoming a very popular destination for those seeking a more diverse safari experience...

Mozambique is a less popular destination for international travellers, yet offers so much. This is a favourite destination of mine but is not high on the list as a safari destination. Mozambique is mostly a beach destination allowing for an uncompromised beach and island getaway.

Below are some of the more popular safari destinations available for a Southern Africa journey, and we can piece any of these fabulous destinations together with South Africa, Namibia or Mozambique. Included for each country destination are a few sample itineraries to give guidance on how the above can come together. Or contact me on the contact form below for further information on any of the options, or budgetary pricing for all countries and levels of luxury to help you plan your Southern African safari.



Undoubtedly one of the premium safari destinations on the entire planet Botswana is all about exclusivity and indulgence. Botswana comprises a few iconic safari, or experiential travel locations, but none as prominent as the Okavango Delta; a World Heritage Site which was listed in June 2014.

The Okavango Delta is one of the wealthiest biodiversities which Africa has to offer, with healthy populations of all well-known and sought-after mammal species, over 400 bird species and an abundant population of aquatic life, of which quite a few are endemic to the area. A journey to Botswana would not be complete with a trip into the Okavango Delta to explore it's hidden waterways which are ever evolving as a living ecosystem.

The Linyanti Concession is located in northern Botswana which holds some the most significant populations of the elephant on the planet. the Linyanti is a vast expanse of wilderness offering guest the contrast of wooded savannah safari to that of perennial waterways which can team with wildlife during the drier months. The famous Savuti channel forms a significant boundary into the Linyanti and holds tales of nature that frequent books and documentaries.

The central area of Botswana is definitely for the experiential traveller who seeks more than just a wildlife fiesta. The central area which comprises of the Central Kalahari and the Mkgadighadi are home to Botswana's infamous Koi San people and the much-loved meercats. The centre of Botswana is also home to the largest remaining populations of cheater that Africa has to offer.

All areas of Botswana are suitable for family travel and offer great diversity for boating, mekoro which is the traditional dugout canoe, walking and vehicle-based wildlife viewing. Botswana boasts a number of remarkable properties, and one of which is Mombo Camp which has been named the worlds number one property on many locations and also has been used for a number of wildlife documentaries of which the most well known is "Eye of the Leopard, which featured the famous Legadima. Legadima died a few years back, but her progeny are still roaming strong, and very few Mombo visitors are not rewarded with at least one of her family member interactions.

Botswana safari itineraries compliment well with the Victoria Falls from either Zimbabwe or Zambia and have daily scheduled flights into both Cape Town and Johannesburg for international connections.

Botswana was home for my beautiful family and me for six years, so I have a real passion, and a wealth of knowledge I wish to share with you on this fabulous safari destination.

Below are some of my most recent itineraries for my clients who have included Botswana in thier journey. Please note these will change from time to time as I keep them updated, and they are now displayed for informational purposes only.



Having recently been released from political uncertainty Zimbabwe is proving to yet again become a favourite safari destination. Unlocking Zimbabwe's gems which have been preserved in time since political circumstances took a turn is now an exciting opportunity for the adventurous nature seeker.

Two of the most popular area of Zimbabwe is Hwange National Park almost in the centre of the country and Mana Pools which is an all-time favourite for experienced travellers up on the northern "Zambezi River' boundary to Zambia's Lower Zambezi National Park.

Hwange National Park comprises 14,500 square kilometres, boasting large elephant numbers as well as general game and predators. Once the home to infamous Cecil the lion which was carelessly and brutally hunted in 2015 by a bloodthirsty moron, Hwange still proves an excellent location to witness these animals go about the natural activities on vast open plains and wooded savannah.

Mana Pools National Park is situated along the mighty Zambezi River which flows from Botswana's northern area, Linyanti all the way through to Lake Kariba and on to Kabasa bora. Definitely an experiential location; offering incredible game viewing, walking safaris, canoeing and fishing for the adventurous family. Be prepared to cast amongst crocodiles and hippos for the elusive and cunning tigerfish as Southern Africa is known for!

No trip to Zimbabwe is complete without a visit to the Victoria Falls in the Toan of Victoria Falls. Most Zimbabwe itineraries would include Victoria Falls as a stopover for a night or two to allow for a scenic falls visit and cultural immersion as you take on and practice your trading techniques with the ever so creative Zimbabwe community.

Zimbabwe offers daily international flights from both Victoria Falls and Harare and is considered a convenient entry or exit location for many sub-Saharan safari itineraries. Victoria Falls also has quick and easy access by road to both Kasane, Botswana and Livingstone, Zambia.

Below are some of my most recent itineraries for my clients who have included Zimbabwe in thier journey. Please note these will change from time to time as I keep them updated, and they are now displayed for informational purposes only.

Sample Itinerary



Primarily considered a seasonal safari destination Zambia holds some of the most remote and untouched savannahs Sub-Saharan Africa has to offer. Uncompromised Zambia comes alive when the rains subside, and flocks of colourful and broody avian species infiltrate the vast plains and waterways for seasonal breeding. It's an extravaganza second to none, yet only compliments the impressive populations of free roaming wildlife.

Zambia has a number of wilderness areas prefered by travellers and photographic enthusiasts; and the most popular being South Luangwa, Lower Zambezi and the Kafue. All areas hold generous populations of wildlife, yet vastly different scenery making Zambia a one-stop destination for many.

South Luangwa is well known for its colourful bee-eater populations which breed in the banks of the Luangwa River and create a spectacle second to none. Predators of all shapes and sizes are commonly seen, and the lucky are treated to brutal, yet natural interaction between Africa's largest cat, lions and the most fearful African buffalo.

The Lower Zambezi would offer some of the most scenically diverse areas with a mountainous backdrop and forests of beautifully 'wildlife' manicured albizia trees along the banks of the mighty Zambezi River. Massive bull elephants will work their way between lucky visitors collecting albida seed pods to satisfy a long evolutionary craving for its protein-rich and starchy contents. Quick access onto the Zambezi allows action-packed tiger fishing from a boat, or relaxed afternoon sundowners on natures footprint studded sandbanks.

Kafue is found in the centre of western Zambia, Kafue National Park is the oldest and largest of Zambia’s national parks. It covers a massive 22,400 km2. Despite its size and prominent location only two hours drive from Livingstone, it remains little-known and largely unexplored with vast tracts of its virgin bush still untouched. Thanks to its size and variety of habitat types the Kafue holds a fantastic diversity of wildlife

Zambia's town of Livingstone is popular for visitors wishing to visit the Victorian Falls, or end their safari at a relaxed 3 - 5-star location along its watery banks. Livingstone is an international airport allowing for short haul inter-African flights; however, their capital city of Lusaka is a significant hub enabling many inter-continental links.

Below are some of my most recent itineraries for my clients who have included Zambia in thier journey. Please note these will change from time to time as I keep them updated, and they are now displayed for informational purposes only.

Sample Itinerary