After escaping the corporate world, my yearning for exploring the African wilderness had me wanding the savannah for close on 15 years. With camera in hand, I treasured being able to capture the magic and surreal beauty of this ancient continent and its extraordinary inhabitants.

With my luxury travel knowledge and passion for the conservation of wildlife and sustainability, I was lucky enough to help preserve natural wilderness and ethnic culture during my time spent managing luxury safari camps in pristine destinations in Botswana and South Africa.

Today, as a conservation activist, African bush adventurer and luxury travel specialist I personally weave safari itineraries together piece by piece for my clientele based upon real-life experience and first-hand knowledge of the African continent - bespoke journeys for those looking for “travel with purpose” and family safaris that offer peace of mind, body and soul in remarkable destinations.


Why Engage with Us

You want to go to Africa, and you know it's a significant holiday for most; financially, mentally and physically. This has been a dream for some time of yours, and the amount of effort required in the planning stage is enormous and critical to your ultimate holiday success.

Is it in your interest to put your faith in a travel consultant offering most of the world but specialising in none, or a travel agent who has never had hands-on experience working the logistics required to move a lone traveller or a large family party between border crossings of a different culture?

At SafaGraphics we personally tailor each itinerary to ensure it is smooth and hassle-free. We take out the complicated travel arrangements and offer only what we have personally done, or proven to be a safe and well thought out offering through our network of trade partners and industry experts.

All personnel helping in our booking process have hands-on operations and African safari camp management experience. We know what it takes to put salad on a plate in the middle of the African savannah, and we are acutely aware of the transfer times between camps and whether a packed lunch is required on airstrip pickup.

It's the little things that we bring to the table that many can't, and it's those little things that will make your travels comfortable, enjoyable and memorable every time.