Should “Luxury Travel” be about more than just the thread count?

Should “Luxury Travel” be about more than just the thread count?

Having lived in luxury safari lodges for nearly fifteen years of my life, I too enjoy crispy cotton sheets and water pressure carefully tuned to massage my hair back!

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Sep - 2018

Unfortunately, today’s travellers expect so much more than just top-shelf luxury items customarily associated with well-appointed “boutique” city hotels. They want to return from a family vacation feeling enlightened and indulged after having been immersed in a foreign culture. They want to feel like they have touched the lives of many and that their visit made a difference to the community beneficiaries of the destination. They’re after takeaway’s of education and enrichment to further their appreciation of how lucky they are to live the lifestyle they choose at home.

Luxury is no longer what you own; it is now about unique experiences.

The discerned traveller wants to take advantage of “feel good” schemes such as Pack for a Purpose, visiting an orphanage for the impoverished, or adopting a rhino to pave the way for its relocation and hopeful success financially.

Experience is the “new luxury” after all, it reads and rings well in social circles, but does it all translate into your holiday of a lifetime?

Combining purpose with luxurycan be a tricky process and one that should be driven by experience and intimate knowledge of the destination.

Everybody has the World at his or her fingertips, and he or she can certainly book a ticket to any corner of the globe, but unearthing the gems that each destination has to can be the challenge.

Luxury today is knowing that your indulgence in what you love, and your choices you have the privilege of making are contributing generously to global pressures and concerns....

Some people specialise in adventure and experiential travel, so why not lean on a professional to ensure you get the most out of your well earned holiday Dollars?

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