Have you unlocked true family value?

Have you unlocked true family value?

How do you put a value to a life changing experience for your precious offspring? How do you try to quantify a moment which your child will reflect upon for years to come as he or she defines their inner self? How can a small memory which might bring great joy in future life be awarded merit when its true value has not yet been unlocked and realised?

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Oct - 2018

It all starts off in the mamoth build up. An exciting story about to unfold, with a safari vision drawn from countless snippets of wild african savannah and it’s storybook beasts which so often adorn our televisions and tablets in descriptive documentaries, adverts and instagram posts! The family enthusiastically discusses and compares strategies to find and tick off animal species, and setting competition guidelines for victorious animal spotting winners, whilst sharing their plans of indulgence in fine food and luxury accomodations with exciting outdoor amenities. It’s a process of unintentional reuniting and bringing the family together, a connection which might have been waning as we live out our disparate and often complicated metropolitan lifestyles.

It then builds into a reality as you start finding and comparing safari type gear from your cluttered wardrobes and making last minute dashes to the camera store to upgrade your trusty old 4GB memory card to a more current 32 or even 64GB model! Then a last minute thought which turns into a Saturday morning of excited family shopping as you realise you better get the children some new hiking boots and trail clothes to ensure their comfort throughout your experiential journey. It’s the planning of the times, the meeting for airport transfers and enjoying a last minute snack in the airport lounge as you simultaneously wonder and poke fun at what choice of food and drinks will be available on the other side...

Touching down in Africa then has a natural bonding affectas you all quickly realise the foreign environment paving way “neutral" ground and space. No family boundaries, no airs and graces, just downright humbling as you realise just how vastly different life can be… It doesn’t take an adult brain to work out material contrast between life belongings of an average African to that of the 1st world!

From that moment on, a state of uber-tranquility and zealous family holiday mode kicks in, and everything Africa promised is delivered, together with so much more. Smiles, laughter and joy is plentiful in Africa and its contagious affect soon cracks even the coolest ‘and toughest’ of progeny.

All the time; from the build up through to your travels home and compiling your memories into a safari album and posting on facebook, you have been communicating, sharing and engaging in activities. Ultimate joy and family bonding!

Now that's what I call family value, and we haven’t even got to the enriching wildlife experiences yet !!!

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