Unlocking Africa

If you’re already having dreams of visiting Africa for an experiential, yet meaningful journey of a lifetime, then you're halfway there.

Africa is enormous and incredibly diverse. A continent, hugely rich in culture and guardian to many of the worlds most iconic natural wonders. Naturally, everybody wants to tick these wonders from their list, and experience as much as they can during their once in a lifetime journey, but the reality is that Africa is so vast and incredibly diverse that it would be almost impossible to explore everywhere. In saying that, many have died trying, but that was the old days. Today we can easily explore all corners of Africa with varying levels of ease, service and comfort. Africa awaits, and she has much to offer, but getting the most of your journey is up to you to allow yourself to experience and indulge in the richness of her sites, sounds and smiles which she has to offer.

Firstly you need a dream, and secondly, you need to allow us to make that dream come true. Let us add our passion to your desire and create an inspirational safari program designed to exceed even the most aspired safari expectation. Africa is full of hidden gems, and there is definitely excitement around every corner, and it is our goal to put you in the right place at the right time safely and efficiently to immerse yourself into the cultural and pristine wilderness experience.

Safari is mostly divided into two major areas; East and Southern Africa. Two worlds apart, both offer a very different safari and cultural delight. From the natural wonders of the Serengeti Plains to the sweet flowing waters of the Okavango Delta each experience is of atomic proportion. Bucket list moments are readily unlocked when on safari as no two happenings are ever the same, besides what you get from a safari is entirely yours, and nobody can take it away or ever relive your feeling.

If you're looking for travel ideas and seek an itinerary that ticks all your boxes; why not engage with us to explores what works for you.


Bespoke Itineraries

Understanding every aspect of this hugely diverse continent can be daunting for most. Complicated itineraries involving multiple countries and cultures can also often confuse even the most experienced traveller, and shop front travel agent!

It is almost impossible to tick all your boxes with somebody else's itinerary, so here at SafaGraphics each itinerary is a careful combination of your desires and our experience and knowledge. We have not visited Africa, we have lived and breathed her sweet mystery and authentic wonder, and to ignite your senses and evoke emotion each trip is tailored to share with you the very essence of Africa's soul.

Let us assist you in researching and creating your dream itinerary. We can facilitate and book your full travel agenda. I can personally guide you throughout your journey, and I can ensure you are well looked after in all aspects of your travels, but it is up to you to immerse yourself in the community and culture of beautiful Africa and seek out and unlock the hidden gems she has to offer.

Below are some of the more popular travel destinations together with short descriptions. I have only focussed on the popular areas, but have loads more information to share if you're willing to seek an off-the-beaten-track location.

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