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Deon De Villiers travelling in Africa
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Having lived in luxury safari lodges for fifteen years, I too, love a touch of elegance. Crispy cotton sheets, private plunge pools with boundless vistas, and the clink of limitless fresh ice in my sundowner preference!

Quite expectedly, many of today's travellers want so much more than just top-shelf luxury items customarily associated with well-appointed "boutique" hotels. They want to return from a family vacation feeling enlightened after having been immersed in a foreign culture, feeling like they have touched the lives of some, and their visit made a difference to the tribal custodians of the land. Others wish for affirmation that their visit contributed meaningfully and generously to the wildlife of the area, and the conservation efforts practised at their chosen destinations. They are after takeaways of education and enrichment, possibly furthering their appreciation of how lucky they are to live the lifestyle that effortlessly empowers the first-world economies.

The stylish design and decor of Crater Lodge Ngorongoro taken by Safari Guru.

The discerning traveller wants to take advantage of "feel good" schemes such as "Pack for a Purpose," wants to visit and donate to a local school or village or adopt an orphaned elephant to pave the way for its relocation and hopeful long-lived success.

After all, "experience" is the "new luxury"; and it rings well in our hearts and minds, but how do you massage these two important elements into your fairytale holiday of a lifetime?

Tracking a rhino from the air in a helicopter to dart it for conservation initiatives Safari Guru safaris.

Combining purpose with luxury is a tricky process, and one that can only be driven by extensive experience and intimate knowledge of you preferred travel destination. You don't want the locals or wildlife to be exploited, and you certainly don't want to feel like a voyeur at a local human zoo.

Ensuring these two objectives is our mainstay, but what we also bring to the table is the utmost assurance that your precious time and money is not wasted while you focus on creating everlasting holiday memories!

Let’s chat about your holiday dreams! We want to get to know you first, and then only do we share our insiders' knowledge and overwhelming enthusiasm - it’s our recipe for your holiday success!

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