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"Possibly the best chimp trekking I have ever had", GURU Traveller

"A mind-blowing experience", GURU Traveller

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Mahale Mountains National Park is accessible all year round and is a stronghold for some of Africa's last remaining Chimps. Attractions include the Mahale mountain range, forest species, including Angola colobus, red colobus, red-tailed and blue monkeys, forest birds, alpine bamboo and lush montane rain forest etc...

Along Lake Tanganyika the sunshine illuminates the fish and the beach is an inviting place to relax or take to the water to try out some sports fishing, or to absorb a late afternoon sun set on the lake horizon.

The golden nugget though is during the dry season (May -October) when chimpanzees are more likely to be seen in large groups. Tracking the chimps of Mahale is a magical experience, and considered some of the best chimp viewings in Africa. One should allow two days for tracking alone to take in the magical experience and to get the most of the destination.

A visit in the rainy season can also be a memorable experience, made remarkable by views of the neighbouring country DR Congo across the water and by incredible lightning storms that light up the lake at night.

The easiest way to reach Mahale is by air, and during the peak tourist season (June to October), regular flights are scheduled between the park and Arusha Town.

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Mahale Mountains National Park
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In this grand jungle-chic lodge located on a gin-clear lake, they live and breath chimpanzees.

Take a legendary journey to meet the most privileged primates on the planet: the wild chimpanzees of Mahale, and the dedicated trackers, guides and helpers who share their leafy Nirvana.

In the forest’s dappled sunlight, chimpanzees romp and commune around, and at the white beach lakeshore, Greystoke opens its shaggy arms, proffering yet another level of pleasure to all their intrepid guests.

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