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We take your dream; add our passion and share our knowledge to create your unique safari itinerary.

Deon De Villiers

Founding Safari Planner & Tour Leader

After escaping the corporate world, my yearning for exploring the African wilderness had me exploring the savannah for close on 15 years. With camera in hand, I treasured being able to capture the magic and surreal beauty of this ancient continent and its extraordinary inhabitants.

With my luxury travel knowledge and passion for the conservation of wildlife and sustainability, I was lucky enough to help preserve natural wilderness and ethnic culture during my time spent managing luxury safari camps in pristine destinations in Botswana and South Africa. My very last and final undertaking while residing in Africa was overseeing and managing the day to day operations of what is arguably one of Africa's most sought after safari destinations; Mombo Camp.
Today, as a conservation activist, African bush adventurer and luxury travel specialist I personally weave safari itineraries together piece by piece for my esteemed clientele based upon real-life experience and first-hand knowledge of the African continent - bespoke journeys for those looking for “travel with purpose” and family safaris that offer peace of mind, body and soul in remarkable destinations.
Safari Guru Hospitality

Under Deon's leadership, and together with his devoted team, Mombo Camp (including Little Mombo) was nominated and ranked No. 1 on the Travel + Leisure 2013 World’s Best Awards list of Top 100 Hotels. In his own words, "This was very rewarding for me as an individual, and also exceptionally inspiring news for Wilderness Safaris, and the recognition of the responsible ecotourism industry in Botswana and the Okavango Delta."

Safari Guru Discovery

After sending a photograph of a highly unusual feline, the 'Strawberry Leopard' to expert Dr. Luke Hunter at Panthera, (U.S. based wild cat conservation group), the discovery was shared far and wide, including TV, radio, web and magazine outlets, including National Geographic and Discover Channel around the world.

Safari Guru Television

Passela, a very highly regarded and maximum audience rated television program on main-stream South African TV dedicated an entire slot to Wildlife photography, and they called upon Deon De Villiers. It was a fun segment, which challenged his ability to orchestrate and demonstrate his passion through education and on-the-go instruction. The entire slot was shot on location, and to his surprise had to be facilitated in Afrikaans; which is not his first language!

Think you have what it takes to be a SAFARI GURU?

We are continually looking for destination specialists and well-travelled inspiring minds that can put their potential to use in our company. If you feel you have intimate African safari knowledge to share with the world, perhaps we should talk.

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We are passionate about Africa; its people and wildlife and driven to ensure your trip will exceed expectations. We have over thirty years of experience in managing, guiding and travelling to high-end luxury safari camps in remote locations. We have travelled and continue to visit the continent extensively, and regularly to bring our knowledge and excitement to all of our bespoke itineraries.


As well as the passion and knowledge we bring, we are specialists in bespoke journeys, for those looking for escapism, adventure, travel with purpose or for inspiration and/or family safaris that offer peace of mind, body and soul in remarkable destinations. We use camps, owners and operators who actively adopt sustainable practices to protect community, land and the natural world. You won’t pay more to use our services and have our personal connections and knowledge at hand throughout your journey.


All of our safari itineraries are pieced together based upon our extensive real-life experience and first-hand knowledge of the very best camps, attentive owners and sustainable operators whom we know and trust to provide a dream trip based on your intimate desires. Together with our meticulous planning, you can be sure your trip will match and exceed your wants and desires.